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Yav Company
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 15 reviews
by Mr. Chandra Kishore Rana on Yav Company

Date Of Review :  8/07/2019

I truly appreciate your experts providing me with simple and clear analysis to my accounting & reconciliation process and needs. Truly appreciate YAV firm.

by Mr. Vijay Aggarwal on Yav Company

. Date Of Review :  4/06/2019

Hi, my name is Vijay Aggarwal and I just wanted to express myself about how good the services I am receiving from their company. I been and will always recommend YAV Company for their good services and great customer support experience. Thanks for all the support and professional advice.

by Mr. Himesh Singh Mann on Yav Company

Date Of Review :  16/04/2019

YAV Company, Thanks for taking care of my fund & cash flow management. I am very happy about it! You guys are awesome! Because of your excellent service, I am now introducing my friend to file the return with your firm ASAP.

by Mr. Narendra Kumar on Yav Company

Date Of Review :  15/10/2018

I want to say thank you for assigning me your brilliant team experts to take care of my Budgeting. I have had some good communication with them regarding my tax filing and easing my anxiety over money and taxes. They were on top of things as I needed help and queries answered without delays. Great Company to work.

by Er. Pankush Sharma on Yav Company

Date Of Review :  3/08/2018

Thank You, I really wanted to convey that my filing has been done successfully. I had copied you on my initial email stating that I was having some issues in getting returns filed. I wanted to circle back and let you know that I have received very effective and efficient support from your team. They had been very responsive. They had very patiently gone via the documents and updated the returns and had turned it around in a very timely manner. Big thank you.

by Mrs. Kamani Oberoi on Yav Company

Date Of Review :  18/06/2018

I want to take a moment to thank you for offering us tax consulting help. YAV Company is very diligent, smart, organized and saves us a lot of time during tax filing season. They know all the tax clauses and provide us with clarity by assisting us with the right interpretation and examples. It is very nice to work with talented people like them. Nice team to work.

by Mrs. Sonakshi Kapoor on Yav Company

Date Of Review :  19/02/2018

A very great team for extraordinary service in promptly attending to my India Income Tax required. I have never had such extraordinary service in tax matters during the past 50 years I have been filing taxes in the US, Canada and India. I highly appreciate your attention to entire details and the care you have shown in completing this filing for the two years within such a short time. Many thanks for your superb service process.

by Mr. Amrit Sachdeva on Yav Company

Date Of Review :  10/11/2017

It was a great pleasure to seek your help in filing my taxes and I hope to get your help next year as well. YAV Team you are amazing.

by Dr. Rekha Choudhary on Yav Company

Date Of Review :  17/06/2017

Hey Team, Firstly Thanks a lot all of you. Your attention to detail, faster and detailed follow-ups to my all queries and complete revisions to my taxes; when required were extremely helpful.

by Mr. Vishal Kumal on Yav Company

Date Of Review :  4/05/2017

Highly appreciating YAV team, Thank you so much for helping me file my taxes.

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